All About Screen Share

Beanstalk Admin has disabled the ability to share your screen. Here is the best practice on how to participate with video.

  • We initially disable the ability to share your screen until we receive written confirmation that you would like to participate in video-sharing.
  • To participate in video-sharing, please message Beanstalk Admin in the chat window that you would like to share your video. Once you have asked to share your screen, Beanstalk Admin will enable your video share feature.
  • You may rename your child’s display name or Beanstalk Admin will update your screen with your child’s first name only, in CAPS as soon we can. To make this easier for Beanstalk Admin, register for class using the name you would like your child to be called.
  • Chat is intended for parents only to communicate with Beanstalk Admin during class. It is not intended for children’s use, questions directly for the teachers, or to be called on.
  • If you have multiple children participating, you can register one time by entering the first names of all children participating. 

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