All About Appearances

Beanstalk Admin is a vigilant moderator but we need your help. Here is the best practice for body awareness during class.

  • Be mindful of where your camera is pointing at all times, especially during movement classes.
  • Your child must be fully clothed at all times. Shorts worn under skirts or dresses would be appreciated so that undergarments are not accidentally exposed. 
  • Your child must be present on screen. Video-sharing is meant for the teachers to interact with children and children to experience class with one another. If a grownup is present without a child, video-sharing will not be allowed.
  • Be mindful of distracting or conflict-oriented behavior, like siblings being physical with one another.
  • Beanstalk Admin can turn off your camera at any time if we see something that could compromise your child’s safety. If we stop your video, simply request that we restart your video once the issue is resolved and you are ready to rejoin us. 

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