All About Being Called On

Beanstalk Admin has disabled the ability to unmute. Here is the best practice on how to participate with audio.

  • We have disabled the ability to unmute your microphone so that children do not talk over the teacher or one another.
  • If you are sharing video and would like to be unmuted, your child may raise their hand so that the teacher can see them. They may also point to their nose or tap their head to be called on.
  • Teachers are unable to read or engage in chat messaging during class.
  • Once the teacher calls your child’s name, Beanstalk Admin will enable the ability for you to unmute your microphone.
  • The following message should appear: “The host would like to unmute your microphone.”
  • Click on the microphone icon to unmute and share your question or idea!
  • We are happy that we see so many Beanstalk friends in class who want to participate. Often there isn't time to hear from everyone in one class. Please support your child in understanding that if they didn't get to contribute this time around, there's always next time!

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